Learning how to Tig Weld, The Eastwood Way!

Here at Eastwood, a lot goes into launching a new product. I often times cover the “exciting” parts of the process where we are testing the product, or when we get the product perfected. Another piece to the puzzle when launching a new Eastwood product, is the training to use the product. We believe hands-on learning with our products is best. This better helps everyone in the company relate to customers, and better help answer questions.

As some of you may have noticed, I have hinted at a new welder due to hit our welding product line in the near future. We have been working on an Eastwood TIG welder to compliment our already successful MIG welders. Unfortunately due to the cost, and difficulty of TIG welding, some of our employees have little or no experience when it comes to TIG. This is why we borrowed the time of a certified welding instructor to give a small group of us a crash course in TIG welding. Now I have to admit, none of us came out of the class a master welder…( I’d like to brag that my first 2 beads were the best of the group that had never TIG welded before!). But, we did come out with a better understanding of how a TIG welder works, what some of the common errors beginners make are, as well as what to look for in a good weld. Throughout the day I spent some time snapping off photos of our class. We had a few people from almost every department of Eastwood, from marketing, to retail, customer service, warehouse, to directors.. we all got some time under the helmet!

Check out some of the pictures I snapped off during the day, as well as the plates of aluminum we welded (or tried to at least). Keep your eyes open for some more sneak peaks of our new TIG!

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7 thoughts on Learning how to Tig Weld, The Eastwood Way!

  • I am anxiously awaiting to purchase one of your TIG units. Can you tell me when it will be available for purchase? -Will

  • Gee, I just ordered the new Eastwood tig 200. Not so happy to now find out you guys know jack about tigs . . .

  • Bud- If you read a little closer, you will notice I mentioned in the article SOME of our employees did not know how to TIG weld, or weren’t pros. We like to give EVERYONE in the company a chance to get hands-on experience with any of our products we launch. This includes proper training. This way even the guy in the warehouse that is picking your order understands at least the basics on how to TIG weld and how it works. Unfortunately due to the broad spectrum of products we have, not every single person in the company can be a certified “Master Welder” or a “Metal Bumping Wizard”, but we like to at least get some hands-on training with any product launched for anyone in the company; the “masters” included.

    Hope you enjoy the TIG, our R&D guys spent a lot of time using, abusing, and playing with this machine before we launched it, and we think it is the best compromise between being user-friendly, and performance vs. price.


  • could you please send me a clear explination of how the stting on the foot petal and the the amp setting on the welder operate when you are in trigger mode and when in foot control mode. It isn’t clear to me if in foot control you set the max amps on one and min. amps on the other?
    with the trigger is that just on/off? or is that also a scale and if it is a scale do you set again the high side on one dial and low side on the other? or do you just set the high range at the welder?
    thanks tom K.

  • The trigger on the torch itself is just an on/off switch for when you may need to weld out of place, and have the machine all dialed in.

    Hope that helps!


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