Keep your Tools and Supplies Organized Under The Car

Nothing can be more frustrating than working under your vehicle laying on your back and realizing you forgot a tool or dropped a fastener on the ground and can’t find it now. We tend to put our own bodies on a creeper or dolly to roll ourselves around under the car but what about all of the supplies we need when working under our car? That is where the rolling undercar tool tray comes in handy and saves you trips to the tool box!

This rolling tool tray keeps all of your tools and fasteners in a convenient location when working underneath your vehicle. It will hold a total of 65 pounds worth of tools and or supplies and comes equipped with a metal plate in the center to attach magnetic trays, work lights, and more. The 3 compartments on the top of the tray allow you to keep your fasteners and tools organized with one even being magnetized to keep small fasteners in place even if you spill the cart! The cart is made from a rugged polypropylene that is fairly resistant to chemicals you may expose it to.

You can find all of our garage accessories and home shop tools HERE.

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