Is Rust Proofing Worth It?

Does Rust Proofing Work?

It’s true, rust doesn’t sleep and if you own a vehicle that goes outside in anything but sunny, dry weather it may be susceptible to rust. We often get asked if the cost of rust proofing a vehicle is worth it and we wanted to cover the reasons why we do believe it is worth it in the long run.

There are a couple different ways you can rust proof a vehicle, the most simple being just coating over existing finishes on the vehicle to further protect the original coating. We suggest using a rubberized undercoating if there are no signs of existing rust on the surface. The rubberized undercoating will work well to keep out moisture and also deflect road debris when driving. If there are signs of rust or chips in the vehicle down to bare metal we’d suggest using Rubberized Rust Encapsulator to seal and stop the rust and also deflect road debris.

The next way is to coat the hidden areas that you can’t get to that may rust. This is one of the most common ways to add an additional layer of rust proofing to a vehicle, even one that is being totally restored. We offer a few solutions but the most common is by using our conical extension/wand in conjunction with our Internal Frame Coating to stop rust, coat the surface, and creep into all crevices and give protection from the inside out. This coating with our rust encapsulator and chassis paints is a 1-2 punch that will allow your vehicle to stand the test of time! To see our entire line of rust coatings visit our site HERE.

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