Is Powder Coating Heat Resistant?


Powder coating is one of the most durable coatings you can put on an object and it’s become our favorite to use on just about everything. While it is extremely durable it does have some limitations. We often get asked what can’t be coated in powder coat and what temperatures coated items can withstand. Below are some details that may help you make a decision on if your powder coated items can withstand the temperatures you’ll be exposing them to.

  1. Powder Coating is “Hot Blooded”- The powder coating process requires you to heat the part and the powder to flow it out and cure it. This means that by design powder coating is made to withstand higher temperatures. Most powders cure at around 350-400F degrees. This means even engine parts can be powder coated.
  2. Powder Coating can Withstand High Temps- Most common powders can withstand more than their curing temps and may vary by color, brand, or style. We’ve found as a rule of thumb (unless it is a specialized high temp powder) powders will withstand temps exceeding 200F degrees (most Eastwood powders are good to 250F degrees). Most engine parts on the exterior don’t see temps over that and really only exhaust parts will cause an issue if powder coated. Note that while powders still resist over 200-250F degrees most will start to discolor greatly.
  3. Superior Bond- Powder coating has an amazing bond to the metal when properly prepped, applied, and cured. This means that items can constantly be exposed to high temperatures without flaking or peeling. Many standard spray paints will loose their adhesion after long periods of high heat and can start to flake, peel, or delaminate.

If you have a question about if your parts can withstand temperatures they’ll see we suggest using an infrared thermometer on them during normal operation to check if they will regularly exceed 200-250F degrees. We’ve been running powder coated parts like brake calipers, valve covers, rocker covers, intake manifolds, chassis parts, etc. for years with no issues. Feel free to call our tech team and ask for advice if you’re still unsure: 1-800-343-9353

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