Is it Better to Brush or Spray Rust Encapsulator?

Since we’ve launched Rust Encapsulator it’s been one of our most popular products and has been sealing up rust and saving metal for years. Over this time we’ve begun offering a number of types of rust paints and they can be applied different way. Our most popular rust encapsulator products can be brushed or sprayed on and we often get asked which is better.

The answer is “both” as they both do a good job, but you likely will need to do both to get an item with a complex shape properly coated and sealed up. If you’re limited in spraying equipment or just doing a small job you can easily use our aerosol rust encapsulator to coat parts, although the cans may not go as far as a can that needs to be sprayed through a paint gun. The aerosol cans allow you to lay a smooth finish much like a paint gun and require little setup time. We keep a few cans in our chemical cabinets at all times for small and touch up jobs.

If you want to coat large areas a paint gun or a bristle or foam brush might be a better option. A brush is about as simple as it gets and allows you to force the encapsulator in tight areas or confined spaces where it might be touch to get a spray gun in. the down side to a brush is that it may leave paint stroke marks that aren’t best for an area that will be visible when done. We prefer to spray rust encapsulator out of a paint gun for the best coverage and smoothest finish after applying. We suggest using a 1.8 or 2.0 tip when spraying it unreduced. After covering the large areas you can follow up with a brush or aerosol can to hit hard to reach areas or to do quick touch-ups.

Find our best Rust Paint we’ve ever designed by visiting our Rust Encapsulator Platinum product page. This can be sprayed or brushed on and has withstood over 1500 hours of salt spray testing.

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