Is a Digital Regulator Helpful Or Witchcraft?

Can you be a better Painter with a Digital Air Pressure Regulator?

Painting and body work everyone is always trying to figure out a better, quicker, more effective way to do the job and lets be honest; some of them are just witchcraft or “snake oil”. We like to keep things simple and use products that are tried and true when painting and doing bodywork.

One thing we’ve had happen to us over the years is having a mechanical air pressure regulator slowly going bad and being out of calibration or even starting to stick and read incorrectly. When setting up a paint gun you usually want to set the pressure with the trigger pulled and watch how the gauge drops. From there you can adjust accordingly to get your ideal pressure when spraying. If you have a gauge that is slow to drop when you pull the trigger you could be getting far too little air pressure with the trigger pulled and it can cause your paint or clear coat finish to suffer.

We’ve found that by adding an inline digital air pressure regulator you will see a quicker reaction time to the pressure drop and it reads more accurately. Simply pull the knob out and twist it to raise or lower the pressure. The Eastwood Digital Air Pressure Regulator even has an internal motion sensor that turns the LCD readout off when not in use. We’ve also found that the locking adjustment knob keeps you from bumping it when using the gun and you have your eyes on the panel and not the gauge. With an accuracy to 1 PSI you’ll find that the readings are much closer than with a worn mechanical gauge that can be over 5 PSI off!

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