Is 2K Aerosol Paints the Same as Out of A Paint Gun?

How Does 2K Aerosol Paints Differ?

A paint gun is the tried and true way to mix and spray on a 2K coating, but it can be a long process to do small parts. Between the time to set up your paint gun, mix the paint, spray, and then clean the gun you’ll have a long time into even just painting some small parts. It’s no doubt a paint gun is the best for a large project like an all-over paint job but for small painting jobs you shouldn’t be reduced to a lackluster 1K aerosol paint. With the introduction of 2K Aerosol products like Eastwood 2k Aerospray you now have the option to do small to medium paint jobs with an aerosol can! But is the paint really as good and as durable? We answer below.

  1. What’s different about a 2K aerosol paint? A 2K aerosol coating uses the same paint or coating you’d mix up yourself to spray out of a gun, but it has the activator stored inside a little canister within the can that you puncture when you’re ready to mix and spray the paint. Because of this your paint does have a window of time where it can be used before the paint starts curing and the can won’t spray anymore; just like any other 2k coating.
  2. Does it dry as quick? One advantage of mixing your own paint is that you can adjust your mix ratios and activator speeds on the fly for temperature or spraying preference. With a pre-packaged 2K paint a medium activator is usually used that may not work perfectly for extreme ends of the weather spectrum, but it should get you by for most. If it is on the cool side temp wise when spraying you will just have to give the coating extended time to cure over the optimal 70F degrees.
  3. Is it as Durable? The paint and activators are of the same quality as what you’d get in a quart or gallon can but they’re prepackaged. The can doesn’t hold as much paint as a normal can due to the space the canister inside takes up but you’re getting a much more durable product than a 1k coating. If you follow the same steps when preparing the part to be sprayed and allow it to cure fully it will be as strong as any other 2K coating sprayed out of a gun.

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