Internal Frame Coating destroys hidden rust!!!

Internal Frame Coating      Internal Frame Coating      



The Eastwood Internal Frame coating may sound like it can only be applied inside frames but rest assured, this product is perfect to use anywhere you cannot get any tools into to prep.   Think of ribbing inside a hood, behind a dash, and other hard to reach areas.

When it came to design of this product we knew we needed something powerful since all to often once a car, truck, or even motorcycle parts get welded together that access is nearly impossible.   Out came a product which would be able to flow into all the tight nooks and crannies.  Each can offers a standard spray nozzle for areas you can sort of spray but most commonly used is the included 2 foot hose with a nozzle at the end which sprays out in a radial pattern for ultimate coverage.  Simply insert the nozzle every so often throughout the frame or parts in question and press the spray button as you withdraw the hose.   The image on the far right shows the difference this amazing product can make inside an old rusty frame.  Why only work from the outside when you can pick up this product for full rust protection.

We offer two colors which work identically.   Green matches the OEM coating many vehicles had inside if you want to mimic that look or black which matches everything.  While doing a full protection job you may want to also consider our Platinum Rust Encapsulator for the exterior of the parts in question.

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