Custom Paint Doesn’t come from a Can! Eastwood Intermix System

Truly restoring a car means that you have to follow the factory specs of what your car should have looked like when new. There isn’t much room for creativity when building up your car in that manner. On the other hand custom cars leave the doors wide open for what you can do. Whether its a mild custom with just some things done to clean up the appearance of your vehicle or if it involves creating an entire new persona of your stocker. When it comes to painting a custom car you don’t want to just go with a stock color that everyone else at the next show will have on their car. Custom Paint mixing can be a scary task and many factors can change the color or “formula” along the way. We decided to take away some of the complexity of picking and mixing a custom color for your ride.


With the new Eastwood Intermix System we started mixing some of our favorite paint colors together to see what we’d come up with. Some of them were pretty terrible and we left those out, but what we did do is take the formulas of our favorite colors and put them together in a kit that you can easily order and mix to get that special Eastwood Custom Color. Scared of how to mix the paints? It’s pretty simple, we send you two cans of pigment that you mix separately, then mix the two color pigments together in the two gallon bucket included. Your custom mixed color is ready to go! You can then pour out ONLY the amount you need to spray at that time in a smaller mixing cup and add your activator and reducer. This allows you to pre-mix and spray parts like door jambs and under hood and you’ll know it’ll match the rest of the car!


One tip to mention is that if you’re spraying a color with a lot of metallic, flake, or candy-type effects in them you should try and spray the entire side or large parts of the car together at one time. If you spray a color with heavy metallic, flake, etc. and apply it to each panel separately it is nearly impossible to match the way the flake or metallic will lay and the shade of the color will vary between panels. What causes this? A number of things can change the hue of a metallic or custom paint job; but the most common is paint gun distance from the panel and air pressure. So take the time to spray all your jambs and insides of panels before reassembling them and spray the large areas of the car at the same time. Nothing is worse than having a killer custom paint job that varies in hue from hood to fenders to doors, etc.

Check out our new Eastwood Intermix Custom Paints and start dreaming up your next custom paint job!


  1. That is a beautiful paint job. Got to get it for my motorcycle.

  2. With single stage it helps give the last few coats a bit more shine than just the paint alone.

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