An Electric Restoration- Part 2 Installing an Electric V8 Killer.

Since our last update Wayne of Electric Blue has been busy finishing up the suspension and brakes on the S10 Chassis. He finished off the rear, front suspension and brakes with the help of more Eastwood detail paints.

With the chassis all buttoned up Wayne moved on to the heart of this project; the electric engine. Recently he received the power plant from the manufacturer and went right to work. He machined custom adapters to fit the engine and the stock transmission together. Wayne does pretty much everything in-house including machining up the adapters necessary to fit electric engines into most any vehicle. Wayne doesn’t really care what it is, he can make it environmentally friendly AND faster than your neighbors gas guzzling muscle car!

Now that everything bolted together Wayne mounted up the new electric drivetrain into the Chevy chassis. It’s pretty amazing to see how small the electric engine is compared to the original AND how simplistic it looks! Even though it may look like something out of the inside of your washing machine, this bad boy should surprise most any street car. Next up is outfitting the truck with the batteries to power the engine (Wayne has a custom trick for this) and continue freshening up this unique project. Stay tuned for smokey, QUIET electric burnouts here soon!


  1. I’d love to see more on the progress of this project, looks very cool. I once saw a Datsun with something like this in it, blew everything it raced away.

  2. Thank you Eastwood for joining the custom EV party! I’ve been using your products on my Karmann Eclectric Ghia for years, but be warned; there may be less repeat business from EV’ers, because when you’re not slinging oil and making heat, fine finishes last until they’re crashed!

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