How to install your own Windshield Part 1.


If you’re anything like me, you like to try and do as much of the resto process as possible yourself. From pulling it out of the woods, a barn or a field, to engine work, and reassembling it all myself, I like the satisfaction of saying I did 99% of the work (even if it means twice the stress!) myself.

So a topic that comes up a lot with older cars is the installation of your windows, especially the windshield. Many cars even up until the 80’s and early 90’s had windshields that were actually just “pressed” into the car and not glued. But in the past 20 or so years these types of windshields slowly disappeared from automotive production and have been replaced by windshields that are glued into the car. These work great, but are horrible to replace and remove. Most installation shops won’t even touch the older style windshields, or if they do, they won’t warranty their work if they break a windshield. This is particularly scary if you have a car or truck that has an obsolete, rare, or expensive windshield and seal. Over the years I have learned to do this method myself on older European cars, and I decided to make an impromptu video the other day chronicling the process on a car I have been restoring at home. This first video is the process of actually preparing the windshield for installation, and the supplies you will need along the way. The process is pretty much the same for any older car with a “press-in” or “rope-in” windshield, so these basic tips can be used on anything from a 70’s VW to a 40’s American Classic!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the installation process! Feel free to comment and let us know if there are any other videos you’d like to see from any of our other tech experts!

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