Insider’s look at a new Eastwood product and our R&D department

Welcome to  the first of my insider’s view of some new products we have on the way. Also below is a quick view of where we design, test, and develop all of our exclusive Eastwood products you see in our catalog!

First I thought I’d show you around the building a little to give you an idea of where all the “magic” happens. Don’t worry these spy photos got the OK, so we won’t have to use any “mob” tactics to keep you from sharing them with your friends!

Here are a few Random photos of the outside of our building, inside the retail store (feel free to stop in if you are a local to the Pottstown, PA. area!), our warehouse, and also the R&D department (including the test vehicles we use to test any products we can on).



Lately our R&D team has been quite busy designing and testing some new products and I’m happy to give you some photos of our new welders that are due to hit the market in March. These welders are going to finally give the DIY’er a industrial quality welder for just over entry level welder price (135 Mig under $300 and 175 Mig under $500)!  Also check out the photos of the go-kart frame we built from scratch with the welder and our (stay tuned for more on this shortly) tubing bender. Keep an eye on our Facebook/Twitter/Homepage for the debut of this new product!



Industrial Unit Weld       Eastwood 135 Weld        Low Quality Unit Weld   


Thanks for reading and watch this space for more spy shots, sales, and other news regarding your favorite restoration supply headquarters!

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