How did it come to this? If the junkyard cars could talk.

I’ve been going to junkyards for years and years. In fact it is one of my favorite past times. There is nothing like the feeling of scoring THE part you needed for your project at the junkyard. It also feels good saving some of these parts from their demise in the crusher. Over the years I have literally traveled the world in search of junkyards; always hoping I can get that same “high” you feel when stumbling across a rare part or car in a junkyard. Along the way I have tried to take pictures of some of the most interesting places, vehicles, and situations these vehicles have been in. It always makes me wonder what the cars would say if they could talk. How did they get there? What happened that ultimately made this car meet its demise? Below are some photos I’ve snapped over the years, that made me stop and memorialize it with a picture. Enjoy!

Some sort of homemade tow truck?

This probably turned heads back in the day. Look at how all those chrome parts!

Abandoned Chopped Roof Project?

Falcon Sandwich?

This vintage Italian car very, very far from it’s origins in a Pennsylvania junkyard!

This Audi was a little far gone to restore. Nearly broken in half!

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