How to Sharpen Axe and Lawn Mower Blades

A Quick Step By Step To Sharpening Metal

  1. Rough Grind Blade- Start by applying your blade to the stone wheel on your Bench Grinder Sander and point it at the same angle as the blade already has. Slowly work back and forth on the grinder removing and major burrs, nicks, or damage to the blade. You may need to flip the blade over to do both sides. If the blade has an arc to it (like an axe) you will need to rotate the blade as you grind to match the original shape. If you push too hard and don’t follow the shape you could create a new edge that doesn’t match the original.
  2. Final Sand Blade– For the final sanding process we want to put the final cutting edge on the blade so you will use the finer grit of the belt sander on the other side of the combination grinder/sander. This time put firm pressure on the blade and rotate or slide it side to side to evenly sharpen the blade. You will want to tip the back of the blade up more to really sharpen the cutting edge. Repeat this process on both sides until the blade is very sharp.
  3. Polish cutting Blade- If you’re doing this process on a knife or axe that is more of a show piece you can then sand the entire blade up to 600 grit and polish the surface with a metal polish and a buffer. This step isn’t necessary but it will give the blade a beautiful shine!

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