How to Setup a Vehicle for a Rotisserie

When doing a proper restoration, its essential that you get into all those hard to reach areas on your vehicle. Rotisseries are the answer to this by letting you be able to turn your vehicle 360 degrees, allowing you to get into these areas! However, if this is your first restoration you may not know how to set one up for your vehicle. Don’t worry though, we will be discussing how easy it is to setup a vehicle in this article!

To start off with the basics, you are going to want a rotisserie that has the weight capacity to be able to withstand your vehicle. Once you have this covered, you’re now onto trying to figure out how to get your vehicle onto this rotisserie. Assuming you already have your vehicle stripped down, you will need to identify the strongest points to mount your rotisserie to.

Once you’ve identified these areas, you can do two things. #1 is to look and see if brackets are offered for your vehicle to mount it to a rotisserie. If there are then you’ve killed two birds with one stone because more than likely if there are brackets offered for your vehicle, then usually manufactures will tell you where to mount them.

Route #2 is to build your own brackets for your rotisserie. You can do this by buying some square stock and steel plates and welding them together to configure your mounts. Before you know it, you’ll have your own set of rotisserie fixtures!

After you have your brackets all setup, you’re now in the home stretch. Simply roll your rotisserie over to your vehicle and plop it down. Before you are to put your vehicle down on the rotisserie, make sure to check clearances with your vehicle so you have nothing hitting anywhere that would cause damage to your vehicle. Also take note to make sure the lift arms are symmetrical with one another, so it does not cause your car to knot up while on the rotisserie. Now you have full access to all the areas of your vehicle with ease!

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