How to Replace Hard to Reach Spark Plugs

As the years have gone on auto manufacturers have added more and more to the engine bay of a vehicle. It’s now to the point where you can barely even make out where the actual engine is when you open the hood. There’s decorative plastic covers, electrical boxes, shields, etc. and while cars are more dependable than ever they still need maintenance and the problem with the tight engine bays is the ability to get a straight shot at the spark plugs and remove them without breaking or damaging the plugs themselves.

That is where the Eastwood Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Sockets come into play. This 3 piece set comes with most common spark plug sizes and has the swivel built right into the socket/extension joint. With this swivel you can angle the plug and still get a ratchet and your hands in to tighten or loosen the spark plugs. The magnetic attachment inside the socket means the sparkplug won’t fall off into the depths of engine bay darkness.

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