How To Remove Trim Without Denting Your Car

Auto Trim Tools and Tricks To Safely Remove Trim

If you’re doing repairs on your vehicle or restoring a classic car you may need to remove trim off the side of the car. If you aren’t careful and use the correct tools you can quickly chip the paint or dent the metal causing additional body work. Below we offer some tips and tools that help make the job of removing trim less of a headache.

  1. Non-Marring Trim Removal Tools– These pry tools allow you to easily remove door panels, fascia and trim strips, dashboard and interior panels and trim, window moldings, etc. Impact-resistant, glass-filled nylon won’t mar surfaces like metal tools can. Their slim design allows you to also work in tight spots and they have very little flex to allow for a positive feel when prying stubborn trim clips loose.
  2. Crepe Masking Tape– We suggest if you’re removing trim on a vehicle where you don’t want to damage the existing paint that you use some crepe masking tape to cover the paint and give you a small safety net when prying the trim off from slipping and chipping the paint. You can also cover the trim with the tape to protect it as well.
  3. Plastic Razor Blades- These are a life saver for working on removing old trim and also removing trim glue without scratching the paint or gouging the metal. Use these as spacers as well to get the edge of the trim up before you use a nylon trim tool to pry.

Having all of these items on hand will make for a smooth and uneventful job when removing trim. You can get all your autobody and trim tools HERE.

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