How to Remove Scratches From Your Car

Quick Tips for Removing Paint Blemishes

Nothing can degrade the looks of a car than swirls or scratches in paint. This can be caused from just simple routine cleaning to mother nature or outside forces (parking lot abrasions). We decided to put together a few tips for removing scratches and bringing the shine back to your paint.

  1. Wax/Polish By Hand- A good paint polish and a clean, lint-free rag will allow you to rub out minor scratches by hand. Most polishes have a cleaning agent and microscopic abrasives that actually polish paint. Also a good coat of wax or sealer will actually “fill” very minor scratches and hide them so that the entire surface appears glossy.
  2. Machine Polish- Much like hand polishing you can often times remove scratches in clear coat and paint by polishing them out. A buffer or rotary polisher can make quick work of a panel and bring the original luster back to a car. We suggest starting with the final step of a polishing compound to avoid removing too much clear when polishing. This method takes a little more skill than hand rubbing paint but it is the most effective.
  3. Wet Sanding- At this step we’re basically going back to the steps taken when the vehicle was first painted. You’ll be using very fine sandpaper (1500-3000) and water to remove deeper scratches. Once the scratches are mostly gone you can work through the polishing stages to get a mirror finish.

So there you have the 3 top steps for removing scratches in your cars paint. If you want everything you need to repair, restore, or revive your paint view our entire paint care category HERE.

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