How to Remove Rust From Tubing

Using an Angle Grinder To Remove Rust Safely

Rust removal is a messy job and there are countless ways to remove it from metal. Some of these methods are extremely efficient but require a lot of equipment and monetary investment. We decided to show the safest, quickest way to do it with a common 4.5″ angle grinder.

Start by taking nut and collars off of your grinder shaft and thread on the 3M Bristle disc. The 3M bristle discs are made of semi rigid plastic bristles closely placed together to quickly remove paint and rust without the danger of throwing metal wires like a wire wheel would. Bristle discs also cause less heat when stripping and conform to irregular surfaces better than a sanding disc saving the metal from damage when stripping paint or rust.

Once the bristle disc is firmly tightened down you can spin up your grinder to it’s operating speed and begin stripping the metal. You do not need to push down hard on the grinder as the bristle discs will work well with light to moderate pressure. Avoid staying in one spot too long on thinner gauge metals to avoid warping.

Once the metal is clean you can wipe the are down with PRE paint prep and seal it up with primer or paint. To see all of our rust and paint stripping solutions visit our site HERE.

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