How to Remove and Install Engine Studs The Easy Way

Removing and installing new studs in an engine can be one of those jobs that can go from crappy to hellish in minutes. All it takes is for a stud to get damaged or broken from using vice grips or a similar tool and the job will become a mess. We’ve found that our lives have gotten a lot easier once we started using a Stud Remover and Installer for these jobs.

The Eastwood SAE Stud Remover and Installer Set allows positive, damage free removal and installation of threaded studs providing grip by solidly surrounding them with three hardened steel cylinders. Using the tool is pretty simple. First slide the socket over the stud and turn the ratchet until you feel it has resistance or is tight. Then you can begin loosening the stud. The sockets come in four common SAE sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 7/16″. Use these sockets in conjunction with penetrating oil on stubborn stuck studs and you will speed up your stud R&R times!

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