How to Put a Bead in the End of Tubing

Use A Bead Roller to Put a Bead In Tubing for Intercoolers, Coolant, and More

If you’re building a custom car or truck you may need to go as far as building your own radiator/coolant hoses and intercooler hoses. This means you will need a way to put a barb on the end of the tubing to keep the rubber or silicone hoses from slipping off over time. The OE puts a small bead around the circumference of the tube that the hose clamp sits behind and keeps the hose from just popping off.

Tubing Bead Roller

For many years there have been dedicated professional tools to put beads in tubing like the Bead Form roller; but they come at a professional cost. Now you may have a bead roller, and now with the Eastwood Tubing Bead Die Kit you’re able to do another process with the power bead roller you may already own. With this kit you can press beads into any with an inner diameter of 1.25″ and larger and 18 gauge wall in steel or 16 gauge wall in aluminum. This die set will handle most all common coolant and intercooler tubing and saves buying another tool in your shop and just requires a small die set for your bead roller. The quality of the bead will match the OE and give your custom tubing job a professional finish.

See all of our bead rollers and dies HERE.

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