How to Protect Your Car From Rusting

Top Ways to Keep Rust Off Your Vehicle

When it comes to ferrous metals rust IS the enemy. It is a cancer that attacks the metal and won’t stop until there’s nothing left. It takes many years to completely disintegrate a vehicle from rust but it can get more difficult to repair the longer you let rust continue. We decided to give our top tips and products for keeping your vehicle rust-free.

  1. Keep Your Car Clean- Cleaning your car regularly is a good way to remove road grime and contaminants like road salt, dirt, mud, etc that can get into areas and begin the rust process. Use Road Salt Neutralizer to remove and stop the corrosive actions of road salt. Also regularly wash and clean your vehicles paint and under carriage with car car supplies.
  2. Rust Proof Your Vehicle- While the manufacturers do attempt to rust proof their vehicles from the factory they don’t always do the best job and their can be areas where the skimp on the amount of rust protection they put into the vehicle. We suggest drilling holes in hidden areas where water can collect and rust can form and applying Heavy Duty Anti-Rust to seal those areas. You can then apply plastic plugs to seal the holes up and easily reapply over time.
  3. Seal up Paint Chips- Paint Chips and door dings happen if you drive your vehicle regularly. First look at the chip and see if the damage is just superficial and there is primer underneath of the chip or if it went all the way down to bare metal. If you see a spot of rust where a paint chip is then you know that the chip is down to bare metal. At the very least you should seal the area up with a dab of Rust Encapsulator, but you will need to sand the area prime, paint, and clear coat to full repair it back to factory. Spraying to brushing a spot with Rust Encapsulator will at least seal the rust from spreading until you can repair it properly.

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