How to protect that bare metal project!!

     Eastwood Diamond Clear DTM and Painted Surfaces Aerosol     

Leaving parts of a project in bare metal can make for some really dramatic results that look awesome.  The only problem as we all know is that leaving metal bare leads to rust and corrosion depending on the metal.  We wanted to bring multiple options to our consumer based on the project.

Let’s start with the first picture on the left.  This is our Exo Amour which is the most durable coating of all three options.  Once cured it is practically invisible.  This super strong product is catalyzed for ultimate strength and is heat resistant all the way up to 2000F.  Feel free to coat exhaust manifolds and headers with such a high temp rating.   Another great use is one wheels which generally see road salt and all kinds of chemicals when cleaning them.   Once cured Exo amour won’t be affected by any chemicals or salt, it passed 4000 hours in the salt spray chamber test.  You also don’t need to only used this great strong product on bare metal,  we have also heard of it being used on boats to make cleaning the underside a breeze or props and leading edges of airplanes to keep them clean.  One 4 oz kit will cover approximately 110 sq ft, a little goes a long way since this product has a film build of approximately .0003″.

Next up is the Eastwood Diamond clear.  Since we know not everyone wants to deal with a catalyzed product we created the diamond clear.   This is a single component product available in a convenient spray can for application.  There are two offerings for the final sheen left on the part, gloss and satin.  Satin is great if you want the raw metal look and gloss will really make your work pop out.  With a heat rating of up to 300F you can feel safe using on wheels and some engine parts.   With the ability to use on bare metal and painted surfaces you’ll have all kinds of uses and reasons to keep a can around the shop.  Each can will cover approximately 6-8 SQ FT.

The last option up is the Sharkide Aluminum sealant.  Don’t let the name fool you though as this can easily be applied to brass, copper, steel, stainless, fiberglass and more.   One of the best parts of Sharkide just like Exo amour is the ability to wipe the coating on.   This comes in extremely handy on large items such as polished boat pontoons or hulls.  Sharkhide will protect against stains, oxidation, salt spray and more.  Sharkhide forms an air tight film over any metal surface, and will protect against just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

We hope this article helps you pick out the next clear to protect that project you’re working on.

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