How to Properly Decide on a Paint Color

The sun is the best place to inspect paint but the Eastwood Solar Flare is next in line

When doing paint work and trying to decide on a color or match new paint to existing paint you need to take into consideration the light that the paint will be viewed in. Many paints change hues when in different light sources and the most telling paint match issue is shown when in direct sunlight. If you’re trying to check paint color or match paint you need to use direct sunlight or the next best thing. That’s where the Eastwood Solar Flare comes in. This light corrects for indoor lighting and can be adjusted to give the truest view of auto paint. If you’re spraying or deciding on metallic, candy, or translucent paints you NEED one of these! Learn more about the Eastwood Solar Flare below and get yours HERE.

The Eastwood Solar Flare Color Matching Light utilizes the latest COB LED Technology to provide a full spectrum light emulating pure sunlight for true color representation.


  • 3 Different Light Positions
    • Color Correcting
    • COB LED
    • Flashlight
  • Lightweight Polymer Housing
  • Dual Magnetic Mount Design
  • USB and AC Chargeable

A three position switch allows instant switching from the specialized, color correcting COB LED to the high intensity flashlight LED. A lightweight polymer housing with shock resistant protection provides tactical level reliability. The convenient swiveling and pivoting, dual magnetic mount design allows for maximum flexibility and the USB Charging cable allows connection to any USB source.

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