How to Pick Up A Large Hood By Yourself

Unfortunately we can’t all have a huge crew of guys to help us disassembled and assemble our project cars like Overhaulin or Monster Garage. That’s why we need to find ways to move large parts by ourselves without hurting ourselves or damaging the part. Large car or truck hoods can be difficult to pick up and move safely and we’ve always dreaded moving them on and off a vehicle. That is until Merrick came to our rescue with a “Hood Picker” attachment for your engine hoist.

The Hood Picker is as simple as it gets to use. Simply roll your standard engine hoist or “cherry picker” out into the shop and raise the boom to a moderate height. Then unfold the arms of the hood picker and attach it to the hoist boom. The arms then cradle the sides of the hood and the center support keeps the hood from tipping. The hood picker opens up to 3 feet wide so it will fit most any hood! If you have a large car like a Cadillac, Packard, Studebaker, etc. you will love the ability to easily move hoods around and install them on the vehicle.

If you want to outfit your shop with more tools that make working alone easier visit our Tools category to find all of your shop tools and equipment!

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