How to Paint Brake Calipers

Brake parts have a tough life, they are possibly the most important part of your vehicle and your safety when driving but they see high heat, brake fluid, and other debris and are hard to keep nice. Painting brake parts with cheap department store spray paint will net you flakey or peeling paint after a few drives or after bleeding your brakes. We have formulated specific brake caliper paint that is a strong 2k Ceramic Formula that can withstand all of the abuse your street or race car will throw at it. Read our tips for applying brake caliper paint below.

1.Clean and Masked- If you’re painting your calipers right on the vehicle you need to make sure you properly clean and mask the area before painting. The last thing you want to do is get paint on the rotor or braking surfaces. This also will keep overspray to a minimum that could point to an careless job when parked on the street. Use masking tape and paper to cover any areas you don’t want paint on. Fine line pinstriping tape can be used to mask off detailed areas like logos on calipers.

2.Eastwood High Temp Ceramic Caliper Paints come ready to apply out of the can but they can benefit from an activator to add additional sheen and durability. By adding an activator you will be chemically curing the paint and giving it a much stronger surface finish We suggest mixing four parts paint to one part activator and reducing up to 10% to get the desired viscosity for spraying to your equipment and preferences.

3. Caliper paint covers well and can be applied in 2-3 medium wet coats with a brush or gun. A HVLP detail paint gun with a 1-2-1.4 tip will give you the best finish as a brushing on can leave streaks or brush marks in the surface.

4. Allow non-activated paint to dry for up to 24 hours while activated paint will be safe to handle in a few hours. Take care when reinstalling brake parts if your paint hasn’t been activated as it can take much longer to fully cure to it’s full hardness depending on the temperature outside.

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