How To Outfit Yourself to Paint Safely

One of the things that makes modern, 2K paints so long lasting and durable is one of the same things that makes them harmful to your health. The activated 2K reaction does not require air to “dry” so it will harden anywhere it goes, including into your lungs and other orifices.

Not only will the paint harden anywhere it gets, but it also contains isocyanates, which are irritants that will attack your eyes and respiratory system.


Don’t forget these Painting Essentials!


  • Proper Respirator – You should not be spraying any paint while wearing a woven dust mask. To keep your lungs in good condition you need a real respirator. When you begin to smell or taste what you are spraying it is time for a new one, or new filter cartridges.


full face mask

  • Forced Air System – If you do a lot of painting, a turbine air system is a better idea. A hose and mask connects to a turbine which picks up clean air from outside your spray booth and pumps it to you.


non air fed mask

  • Eye Protection – Since isocyanates irritate your eyes, you need an eye mask or goggles too. You can buy a full face mask respirator or one that works with the forced air system.



  • Gloves – If you don’t already have nitrile gloves in your shop you don’t know what you are missing. Even if you don’t wear them all the time, when painting or using chemical solvents they are a must. They are cheap too, and also they keep skin oil from your fingers off what you are painting.



  • Coveralls – Besides the fact that spraying paint will ruin your street clothes, lint and threads could ruin your paint. Better to buy several sets of painters coveralls, and head socks. Isocyanates aren’t friendly to your skin either, so best to wear something they can’t seep through, like our lint-free, liquid proof coveralls and head socks.

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