How to Mix Body Filler

Today we’re gonna mix up some filler and we’re going to show you how to do it right with the Eastwood quick mix sheets now these are great as opposed to using cardboard which can actually absorb your hardener robbing your mix ratio now there’s a hundred of these on each sheet and cleanup is a breeze simply rip off the top sheet and throw it in the trash.
Now let’s go ahead and mix up some body filler. When working with body filler the first thing we suggest is to thoroughly stir it in the can ensuring complete mixture of the filler and binding agents. From there you can put as much filler on the board as you believe the job will require plus a little extra. Running out of body filler in the middle of a job is an annoying problem to have.
A general rule of thumb to ensure proper amount of hardener will be to use one stripe across your filler. As you work with filler it’ll become easier to judge the amount of hardener based on the ambient temperature the hotter it is the less hardener you’ll need. When mixing it’s always recommended to fold the hardener into the filler and not stir it. This technique will minimize any air bubbles being forced into the filler which will save you from having pinholes once your filler and hardener are mixed. Once the color has changed and there are no streaks you’re ready to apply. We offer a full line of autobody supplies see them all HERE.

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