How to Install A Power Inverter

How to Install a Low Power, Low Load Power Inverter

Power inverters that convert low amounts of voltage and create low load are extremely easy to install. Low Current Load Inverters are usually rated below 150 watts. These inverters can power small electronic devices and the inverter is normally installed directly into a cigarette or similar power source in a vehicle. The inverters will require very little experience to install.

How to Install a High Power, High Load Power Inverter

Larger, more powerful inverters like a 2000W or 3000W inverter can power anything from household electronics to an entire camper full of appliances. This means that they draw a lot of power and would overpower and blow the fuse in a standard cigarette lighter outlet. High power inverters should be installed directly to the vehicles battery with an inline fuse. We suggest installing a 70-90 Amp breaker or fuse to avoid damaging your vehicle or car battery if something has an accidental short. Most inverters will have a hard wire option where you can wire it directly into the vehicle or will have a temporary mounting attachment using eyelets or alligator clamps. Make sure that if you’re wiring the inverter directly into the vehicle that you’re using a heavy ground and power cord. We suggest 4 or 2 gauge wire to appropriately handle the draw caused by running the inverter.

We always suggest adding up the electrical items you plan to run at one time and compare that to the power inverter you’re considering to use. To see our entire line of Eastwood Power Inverters visit our site HERE.

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