How to Improve Your Bead Roller Accuracy

Bead rolling not only adds strength to the panel it also can add style lines or body lines to a patch panel or structural items on the car that still visible when the vehicle is done. For this reason you want to make your patches as accurate as possible and bead rolling a large panel by yourself can be nearly impossible even with a motorized bead roller. This is because you need to hold the panel hanging off the side of the bead roller and feed/steer the metal through the bead roller. No matter how steady you are there’s a possibility of your other arm moving just wrong or slowly lowering the metal on a critical bead and causing an imperfection in a bead that can’t easily be repaired.

Adding a table to your bead roller gives you the ability to support large panels while bead rolling and also gives you the stability to focus on intricate bead rolling tasks where you might not be able to have the accuracy when holding the weight of the panel yourself. Much like a sewing machine you can now just set the panel on the table and feed and steer the metal while it sits flat on the table.

The Eastwood bead roller table fits most all plate-style bead rollers and can be easily folded up out of the way for odd jobs where you need extra room to roll a panel. The table installs in minutes and can be used on any of our manual crank bead rollers or manual bead rollers with motorized conversions.

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