How To Get Clean Air in Your Shop

After getting an air compressor you have accomplished getting the biggest piece of the puzzle in your shop. However, if you don’t have a dryer, don’t want to be constantly oiling your tools, and want the ability to get a show quality paint job, then you are going to want to filter the air coming from your compressor. Now this can be achieved relatively easily, and in this article I will be going over how I was able to achieve getting clean air in my shop.

Before I had water-free air coming from my compressor I had used it for years with the air coming out the way it is from my compressor. The reason why I had decided to get an air filter system was because it was very cheap, and I had just bought an Eastwood blast cabinet and did not want to have water get into my system for that. The major benefit to having a filtration system for you air system is that it will allow tools to have as long of a life as they possibly can and not have them rust from the inside out. In my shop I had decided to use the C.F.S. system that Eastwood offers. Although there are many others to choose from, this one was the most versatile and had everything I needed to get from a filtration system.

To install this was super simple, you just need to run your air line through the inlet, and then an airline out the outlet to your air hose, that simple. Now for me I had ran a hard line of galvanized steel from my compressor to the filter, and then had a 3/8″ air line attached to that. I recommend that if you plan on running a hard line for your shop, get one of the kits Eastwood offers for plumbing air into your shop. This way its the same price you would’ve spent on galvanized tubing, but you will have a ton left over in case you want to run air to other places in your shop.

Once I had my system all hooked up I was ready to go, I simply started using my airline like I had in the past. There wasn’t any issues and I had nice clear air coming out of my lines going to my tools and equipment, ready for a lifetime of use.

Wanna learn more about the C.F.S. System? Look Below!

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