How to Flare Brake Lines At Home

Brake work is something that can get expensive if you pay a shop to do the work. Especially if the entire system needs to be run and fitted. We have found that if you have an Eastwood Pro Flaring Tool the process can be quite easy to do yourself in your home garage; even for a beginner! Below we cover the basic steps for making a common double flare on 3/16″ tubing.

Preparing Brake Tubing For Flaring

  1. Square cut the tube end. A suitable Tubing Cutter works well.
  2. Chamfer the outside and ream inside of tubing and remove burrs. Be sure to clear metal chips from inside tubing.
  3. Clean outside of tubing before placing into jaws.
  4. Very lightly lubricate the end of the cut tubing with a dab of Anti-Seize Compound.
  5. Place appropriate fittings over ends of tubing, with flare end facing outward.

Setting up and Flaring Brake Tubing

  1. Place 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” square offset base of tool (opposite the clamp) into a secure vise.
  2. Place Rotating Die Head onto 1-1/4” round boss (adjacent to lever base). Be sure to seat head fully and snap over ball detent on side,
  3. Place 11” foam-gripped handle into hole in lever base. Be sure to seat handle fully and snap groove into ball detent on side of hole.
  4. Pull Clamp Pin (with black knob) out releasing clamp.
  5. Rotate clamp upward.
  6. Choose the Split Die size that you need, insert the dies into the rectangular recess in the tool base with the beveled counterbore end (with sizes stamped) toward the Rotating Die Head and the back end firmly against the step.
  7. Place the tube between the die halves with the tube end flush with the flared end of the Dies. The Flat Faced OP.O die is a gauge used to line up the end of the tube flush with the Split Dies.
  8. Rotate Die Head so that the flat faced die OP.O is facing the end of the tube. Move lever inward toward body using the OP.O die as a stop gauge. The tube end MUST BE FLUSH with the end of the die set to create a complete double flare.
  9. Rotate clamp back into place, push Clamp Pin through holes and back into the tool until the black knob seats against the body of the tool.
  10. Tighten threaded retainer “T”-handle screw in clamp securely against the die set.
  11. Spin rotating Die Head with the appropriate size OP.1 Flaring Die lined up with the end of the tube.
  12. Move lever against tool body exerting sufficient effort to create flare, continuing until it stops. NOTE: at this point, a bubble flare has been created. To create a 45 degree double flare, continue with the following steps.
  13. Spin rotating die head with one of the two appropriate sized OP.2 45 Degree Dies lined up with the end of the tube.
  14. Move lever against tool body exerting sufficient effort to create the inverted portion of the double flare, continuing until it stops.
  15. Loosen threaded retainer “T”-handle screw, pull the clamp retaining pin then remove the split dies. 15. Remove the finished flared tube from the dies. A slight tap may be required to release the tube from the dies. 16. You now have a finished, pro-quality, 45 degree double flare.

This process should take less than a minute per flare once you’ve gotten the process down. Even though this tool is of a Pro quality it is so easy to use anyone can be making perfect flares in minutes. Follow these directions your first time or two making flares and you’ll be set to make brake lines for any vehicle you own in the future! To see all of our brake tools visit our site HERE.

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