How to Extend the Life of Abrasive Tools

Grinders Grease Saves Cutting Tools

Whenever you’re using abrasive tools to carve, shape, or smooth rough metal surfaces you will notice the cutting ability of the bits or tools decreases quickly. This can be caused be a few different things, but the most common causes are dull abrasive surfaces or clogged pores in the abrasive surfaces. We’ve found it especially bad with softer metals like aluminum.

Because of these problems we’ve added the solution to this issue. It is the Eastwood Grinders Grease. This product comes in a solid form in a tube and when you run the abrasive tool against it the friction heats up the grease and deposits in the pores of the abrasive. What this does is fill the pores so metal can’t get caught in them but won’t stop the cutting surface from working (since it’s softer than the abrasive). It also acts as a cutting lubricant and keeps cutting surfaces from dulling or chipping when in use.

Best Uses for Grinders Grease

Grinders grease is best used on aggressive cutting tools like carbide burrs but it can also be used on abrasive items like sanding drums or belt and disc sanders. Grinders Grease is also a MUST for anyone using our Engine Porting Kit as well to extend abrasive life. Use the grease sparingly as you just want a light coating in the abrasive. You will find the grinders grease will also help decrease the throw of chips and overall a cleaner cut on the surface you’re working on. A home hobbyist will be able to get years worth of life out of a tube during normal use.

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