How to Epoxy Prime a Pedal Car Body

To be able to get a show quality finish, having quality primer is always the foundation to achieve that show room paint job. I have had an old pedal car body that I had pulled out of the trash that has been sitting in my garage for years. When I had finally got a chance to pull it out and fix it up to its former glory, I did.

To begin what I had done was use an assortment of Eastwood hand tools to disassemble the body so that way I could redo all the components separately without damaging them.

Once apart, I used the Eastwood B100 cabinet to blast it, this cabinet was able to compensate my pedal car with no issue. I could maneuver this thing wherever I needed to blast.

After it was blasted I wasted no time in getting this thing into primer so that way it didn’t start to rust. I had went over the whole body with some Eastwood Pre and got myself a can of Eastwood 2K Epoxy Primer. Once I got the body all wiped down and hung up, I sprayed the body with the Eastwood Epoxy.

After the body was into Epoxy I can now take my time to decide on what color I want to do and get onto the next steps.

Wanna see a video of the B100 Cabinet? Look Below:

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