How to Deburr Tubing Easily

Posted: November 15, 2018 By: MattM

With tubing tools becoming more and more affordable it is getting easier to do brake, fuel, and other hard lines on your vehicle yourself.  We decided to show you a quick tech tip for when your doing transmission lines, fuel lines, or brake lines.

Deburring lines before forming them with a flaring tool or even when installing you need to make sure you deburr the lines after cutting them to length. There are some slow methods of using a fine file, but otherwise there isn’t a quick, safe method for this step in the process. That is until we’ve introduced a tubing deburring tool. It has high-strength steel cutting blades so you can use it on all commonly found lines such as steel stainless steel aluminum and even softer lines like copper nickel. Another great feature is on the inside you can  clean diameters from eighth inch to 1/2 inch and on the outer part you can do 5/32 to 9/16 so you have a very broad range.
Simply stick the tubing into the end of the tool and spin the tool or the line to quickly cut any burrs off of the line. We like to deburr the line once, then clean the line out with aerosol injected cleaner and then deburr a second time to make sure all loose burrs are removed and the line is smooth. Remember that burrs left on the line can and will deform a line when flaring it in a tubing flaring tool. When done with the tool you can retract the blades for safe storage in your toolbox. This is one of those cheap tools you can use to speed up a job and also raise the quality of your work. Get your Eastwood Deburring Tool HERE.

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