How to Cut Metal with a Circular Saw

Let’s get this straight from the beginning. You CAN NOT cut metal with your standard circular saw! The blade and internals of the saw aren’t made for the high impact and hardness of cutting metal. But you CAN cut metal with a dedicated metal cutting circular saw. The Eastwood Mini Metal Saw is the best bang for the buck and can cut metal up to 5/8″ thick with ease! Learn how to use the saw below!

Set Blade Depth

Loosen the Lock Lever attached to and located on the right side of the Base Plate. Raise it to align the cast-in pointer to the desired depth as embossed on the gauge surface of the slotted Swing Arm

Setting Up Guide Fence

If using the Guide Fence, it may be installed by sliding the flat bar through the notch in the right or left side of the Base Plate with the number embossed gauge surface facing upward. Align the desired distance dimension with the center of the “V” notch in the leading edge of the Base Plate. Using the included 5mm Hex Key, tighten the set-screw to lock the Guide Fence in place. NOTE: The handy Hex Key retainer molded into the cord Strain Relief provides safe, convenient storage for the Hex Key when not in use.

Cutting Metal with Circular Saw

  1. Line up your planned cut-line with the center of the “V” notch in the leading edge of the Base Plate. NOTE: the “V” notch is directly in line with the Blade.
  2. While holding the Saw securely in two hands, depress the Trigger Safety Lock Button located on the left side of the Saw body, immediately above the Trigger Switch, then depress the Trigger Switch to start the saw motor.
  3. To begin cutting, allow several seconds for the motor to reach full speed then gently feed the leading edge of the blade into the workpiece. The Blade Guard which is spring-loaded will automatically be pushed back by feeding into the workpiece and will only expose the portion of the blade required to cut through the material.
  4. Slowly and steadily allow the blade to do the cutting.
  5. When the cutting is complete, release trigger and allow blade to stop rotating before pulling the blade away from the workpiece.

As you can see this little compact metal cutting saw is simple to use and can cut metal with ease! This has quick become our favorite way to cut thick and thin metal with ease!

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