How to Clean Pitted Rust

When working on any project; whether it be a car or just something that’s old and rusty, it’s inevitable that you will eventually run into some areas that have rust pits. When faced with these you can ignore it and have them pop there ugly heads back up in the future, or you can do something about it now and never have worry about having to deal with them again!

Some may think that it’s hard to clean out rust puts since they are basically small cracks in the metal that you cant fit your hand or any tool into. But this is where Eastwood comes into play! Eastwood offers a metal etch that will get into those tiny cracks and eat away at the rust in those pits. Cleaning your metal back to its former glory. Simply just spray the etch from a bottle onto your panel, hit it with a sanding pad or wire brush to knock down any big pieces of rust, wipe away, and you will be left with absolute cleanest metal. From here you can take the proper steps you need to prep your panel for paint and you will never have to worry about those pits popping back up in the future!

Want to try some out? Click here to get your first bottle!

Wanna see this stuff work its magic? Watch the video below!

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