How to Clean Oil Stains Off Garage Floor

Nothing can ruin the look of a concrete floor or driveway than dots of oil stains from a leaky car or a spill when doing vehicle maintenance. If you’ve tried to use normal cleaning methods or chemical cleaners you may find they just “push” the stain around but never really remove it. We’ve found that Oil Eater Cleaner and Degreaser is the best method for lifting the oil and grease off of the surface and suspending it for easy clean up. Read below on the simple steps to remove grease and oil stains from concrete floors.

Prep the area to be mopped by moving any equipment or furniture to a safe area where they will not be in the way & can be easily put back in place. Start by using your putty knife to remove any stuff like tar or globs of grease stuck to the floor. Then you can sweep the area as you want to reduce any dirt off the surface that could reduce the oil lifting properties of Oil Eater.

We suggest using a solution of 8 to 10 parts water to one part Oil Eater® for regular maintenance but you can mixing a stronger ratio for larger or older stains. Dip you mop in he solution & wring it out so it is damp. The biggest problem when cleaning is over wetting the surface. A damp mop will allow the oil & dirt to cling to the mop, versus just spreading in around. Start in the corner the farthest away from where you will finish. Mop in an “S” or figure 8 motion working back from where you started. Re-dip your mop in the solution & wring it out frequently. If you’re doing a large space you may need to clean the mop bucket and change the solution after mopping each bay or room.

After cleaning the majority of the floor you may need to come back with a scrub brush and uncut Oil Eater and apply it to stains that are more persistent. Reapply, let sit for a few minutes and then scrub. This should bring most any stain out that mopping with a diluted solution wont.

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