How to Choose A Welding Glove Size

Welding Gloves are an important part of the welding outfit for any welder. Unlike winter gloves or even mechanics gloves; welding gloves need to be worn at all times when welding for safety reasons. Because of that you want to make sure that your welding gloves fit well and are the correct thickness for the type of welding you’re doing. Some types of welding such as TIG welding require more dexterity and therefore you may need a thinner, tighter fitting glove. While ARC welding produces more sparks and overall heat and requires less dexterity so you would run thicker gloves that can fit a little looser. We decided to put together a quick sizing chart and reference info to use when figuring out what size welding gloves you will need when you purchase your next set.

As you can see the quickest way is to measure around the circumference of your dominate hand just below the knuckles to get the best sizing for your next set of gloves. But keep in mind most welding gloves do stretch and wear in so for welding where you’d want a tight fitting glove you may want to go with a size smaller in some cases. We like to have two pairs of welding gloves on hand at all times for each type of welding so you can break in sets and don’t end up wearing a worn out set with holes, tears, or damage. If you want to find all of the welding gloves you’ll need for yourself you can visit our welding glove selection HERE.

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