How to Bend Metal At Home

How to Use an Eastwood Metal Bender

The Eastwood 4 inch metal bender is a great way to easily make precise bends in metal up to 3/8 of an inch thick or 4 inches wide. The powerful two and a half tons of pressing force will bend quarter-inch thick metal up to a 90 degree angle and will Bend 1/8 inch and thinner all the way up to 125 degrees.

All you need to do is mount this tool on your workbench with four bolts. Make sure that there is plenty of clearance around the bender for the metal to move to when bending. This tool will do most small to medium duty bends reducing the need for a large expensive hydraulic press that takes up a lot of space in your garage.

The Eastwood 4 inch metal bender is great for making your own seat mount brackets, shock mounts, or even for doing ornamental ironwork. You can find all of our metal forming tools HERE.

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