How to Balance Car Tires

Today we’re going to show you the process for balancing your car or truck tires at home using an Eastwood Electronic Tire Balancer.  This balancer will show you where to apply clip one or stick-on weights. You can balance wheels from 10 inches up to 24 inches in diameter and wheels that are one-and-a-half inches to 20 inches wide covering most wheels available today. The maximum tire diameter for this machine is 34 inches and it operates on 120 volts with a balance range of 0.25 to 25 ounces or 1 to 999 grams.
Begin by selecting a spindle hub cone that best fits the center hole of the wheel and mount it with a conical and outward mount the wheel to the main drive spindle with the center hole over the conical portion of the spindle hub cone attach the quick release hub wing lock and spin inward to tighten the wheel you can now power on the machine which will automatically initialize and enter it into dynamic balance mode. You can now enter the diameter, use the wheel measurement scale to determine wheel rim offset and enter the measurement into the machine. Now use the wheel width and diameter caliper to determine the width dimension and enter that info. Finally use the same caliper to determine the diameter dimension and enter that info as well.
We will now lower the guard over the wheel and tire to begin the spin cycle which will last about 8 seconds. Once it stops the LED indicator will display inside or outside imbalance values. You can now open the guard and slowly rotate the wheel by hand. When all the inside unbalanced position LED lights illuminate you can hold the wheel in place and slip the required weights on the wheel rim at the 12 o’clock position.
With the required weights added you will again lower the guard to begin the spin cycle for a second time. When the machine stops it should display a zero letting you know the weights are in the correct position and the wheel is properly balanced. If the machine calls for additional weight you can repeat the process, but most times it shouldn’t take more than one addition of weights. With the Eastwood Tire Balancer t’s that easy to balance your tires.  If you’re looking to save money a mountain balance your own tires whether it’s in your home garage or a race shop this is a setup that can work for you and give you the results you need on a wide range of wheels and tires.

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