How to Assemble Certiflat DIY Weld Positioner

If you’ve ever ran into welding a round part you know how difficult it is. You can’t get all the way around in one continuous movement. A welding positioner slowly rotates the piece so you can stay in one steady spot and get a nice clean weld all the way around that round part. Typically they’re pretty expensive, but CertiFlat has an unassembled kit that they’ll ship right to you that is quit affordable. Today we’re going to show you how to assemble one using the Eastwood elite MP 140 and how easy it is to put together.

Lay out all parts according to the diagrams and start assembling the base.
Clamp or Fixture the base first making sure tabs and slots are fully engaged on each part.
Begin welding parts inside the tab and slot opening. This will join each part together.

After the base is welded you can continue to assemble and weld the main body of the positioner.
Next Assemble the worm gear and standard gears for the rotational portion of the tool.
Assemble the base and table. Make sure all parts slide and turn freely before tightening hardware.
Attach a drill of your choice to the drive assembly.
Fixture your part to the table on the positioner, making sure everything is flat and square.
Attach strap to drill to set rotational speed and begin to weld.

So that’s the basic process of assembling the DIY CertiFlat Weld Positioner. With the tab and slot assembly system we know it’s gonna be accurate once assembled. The seventy to one gear reduction box allows for ultra slow spin rates and the angle of the table is also adjustable. This thing is excellent for tube fabrication, exhaust work, custom headers, motorcycle fabrication, or anything elsewhere you need to have a circular weld around around part. It also works great with all of the CertiFlat fixturing equipment and just needs the two inch on center 5/8 holes to mount to the table. For more information about this welding positioner you can visit our site HERE.

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