How to Add Custom Eastwood Zoom and Teams Backgrounds!

With everyone staying at home for the past couple months we’ve all been forced to use technology to communicate with co-workers as well as family and friends. Unfortunately not all of us have a picture-perfect HGTV or Youtubers backdrop for our video meetings and chats. Luckily Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer an option to apply a pre-made background to your video chat that you can change as you please .We’ve been testing these backgrounds internally on our own video meetings and we decided to share them with our Eastwood customers and family right here! Feel free to choose the backgrounds you want to use below and click the “download” button under the photo to save it to your computer automatically. The instructions to add it to your video chat are also below.

How to Add a Zoom Background

During your Zoom video chat, click the up arrow next to the camera icon in the lower-left corner. Select the  “Choose Virtual Background,” text and click on the small plus sign on the right to choose your image. Then from there you can change the backgrounds with each video meeting and keep it fun during these difficult times!

How to Add a Microsoft Teams Video Chat Background


On Windows, you can add backgrounds to the %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads folder (you can copy and paste this into your search bar in Windows to find the location).


If you’re on a Mac, then your backgrounds will be in the client folder for Microsoft Teams in ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds.

You might need to hold down the Option key before you can find the appropriate library.

Launch Teams

Join the meeting, choose the custom background icon. This will open up background photos. Select the image you want and hit preview to see what it will look like. Now hit apply and it will appear.

Eastwood Background 1
Mustang Drivers Seat Background
Eastwood Garage Background
1968 Camaro Background
1949 Chevy Pickup Background
Eastwood Brick Background
Eastwood Retro Background
Eastwood Brushed Steel Background
Eastwood Barn Wood Background
Camaro Repair Background
Eastwood Store Front Background

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