How Should I Apply Rust Encapsulator?

The Best Ways to Apply Rust Encapsulator

We’ve been the leader in Rust paints and products to stop, remove, and treat rust since before the internet! Because of that we have a wide variety of rust products and we often get asked which application method is best. In the end of the day there’s only 2-3 methods that are effective and we decided to list below the reasons you’d use one over the other.

  1. Aerosol- Applying rust products with an aerosol can is about the easiest way to treat and stop rust. Simply shake the cap and apply liberally to areas that are rusty. We offer our classic Rust Encapsulator formula in an aerosol form and it works to get in hard to reach areas and also offers the quickest way to apply rust proofing paint. The original Rust Encapsulator formula is the only that comes in the aerosol can and doesn’t have the longevity of our Rust Encapsulator Plus or Platinum as the aerosol form doesn’t play well with the high solids in the other formats. If you want the best quality reach for our Platinum and touch up hard to reach areas with the aerosol cans.
  2. Brush or Roll- If you don’t have access to a paint gun you can roll or brush Encapsulator onto the surface. This method also solves any issues with over spray in garage and just requires a stiff paint brush or disposable paint roller. With these methods you can really force the paint into the metal and get the metal coated in a single pass over multiple fine coats with a paint gun or aerosol. We like this method for quick coating large areas like floor pans, frame sides, etc. and will touch up hard to reach spots with an aerosol or paint gun.
  3. Paint Gun- By far this is the most efficient way to coat metal. Using a paint gun will atomize the paint the best and gives you the best finish. It allows you to seal the metal and also leave a smooth finish to top coat over. If you’re budget minded you will get the best bang for your buck with a sprayable quart or gallon as an aerosol is part paint and part propellant; not to mention you’re paying for the convenience factor. We like to use a paint gun where possible and even with a small compressor you can spray at home with a cheap HVLP paint gun with low CFM requirements. Check out our Full line of paint guns and match one with your compressor CFM reqirements to be applying rust encapsulator at home!

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