How NOT To Restore Your Car

Modified doors added a lot of weight, slowing this car considerably. (Photo courtesy Peter Cheney, The Globe and Mail)

Writer Peter Cheney at Toronto’s “The Globe and Mail” has written an amusing column that auto restoration enthusiasts like us can really appreciate. It’s called “An Idiot’s Guide To Automotive Un-Improvement”, and it guides you in how NOT to ruin a car restoration.

A link to the complete column is below, but here’s just one example from his experiences…

“Several months and thousands of dollars later, I had a car far worse than the one Iā€™d started with. The racing shock absorbers I put in were way too stiff, so the Beetle crashed over bumps. The modified engine refused to idle below 2,000 rpm. The custom exhaust system was so loud that I had to wear earplugs. On the upside, the motor did produce more power ā€“ but only until it blew up.”

Cheney also gives four “non-suggestions”, but we all know there are far more where those came from!

Read the entire story on how NOT to restore your car here.

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