How Does an Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake Work?

Most traditional brakes work by dropping or tightening a clamp that holds the metal in place and then you hinge the bottom leaf up to bend the metal where it is clamped. This works well and has been the preferred method for bending metal but in recent years magnetic sheet metal brakes have begun to pop up on the DIY tool market and we often get asked how our 48″ Electroc Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake works. No it isn’t witchcraft! Read a little more below about how one of these could be helpful to your shop!

The basic idea of an electro-magnetic brake is simple and much the same as a traditional brake. The difference is obviously that it uses magnetic force; but it isn’t to bend the metal. An electro-magnetic brake uses a super strong magnet that is built into the base and is activated by the power pedal attached to the brake. The beauty is the low profile clamps on the top. You can utilize any combination of top bars to clamp the metal down and bend anything from a straight bend to a box depending on which bars you use. Stay away from electroc magnetic brakes working off only 110V power as they’re clamping force is too weak to bend or hold longer bends. The Eastwood Magnetic Brake has up to 60 tons of clamping force and can bend 16 gauge sheet metal with ease. These brakes are so strong in a relatively lightweight package they’re generally easier to move around the shop and won’t take up as much valuable real estate as big old cast iron brake from the “old days”.

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