I Say, Old Chap, Would You Care To Host Your Own Car Restoration Programme?

Time to dream! Your road to fame and fortune runs through London! Here’s a thought-provoking nugget I found on the carenthusiast.co.uk blog…

A UK television production company, Betty, is looking for two presenters and a team of mechanics to host a new car programme.

The programme will feature the two presenters traveling across the globe to find rare and rundown classic cars, bringing them back to the UK and restoring them to their former glory. The hosts will also look into the history of the models, speaking to various enthusiasts, designers and production workers along the way. According to Betty, the new show will be “nostalgic and inspirational”, and will aim to deliver “retro cars in an aspirational light.”

They’re looking for two people who ideally have an expert knowledge of car restoration, are passionate about the history of cars, and have big personalities who can bring the show to life. So, if you think you meet the above criteria and fancy a career in television, contact the producers:

Development Producer
The Heal’s Building
8 Alfred Mews
London, W1T 7AA
United Kingdom
Phone: 0207 2900660

Click here for “Betty” website

Well, at least you can dream.

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