Hem Door Skin Edges in a Single Pass

The Quickest Way to Install Door Skins

When restoring cars and doing auto body work you will likely have to replace a door skin on a vehicle. It tends to be the best way to repair heavily damaged doors as most doors have an inner structure that makes welding in small patches difficult. We’re always looking for a better and quicker way to do a job and hemming the bottom edge of a door skin back over the inner frame is a tedious and labor intensive job. If you’re just learning a wrong swing of the body hammer can cause an issue with the door gaps and cause additional time in the body work stage. We recently found a tool that saves a TON of time and also makes it so simple even a beginner can hem a door edge like a seasoned pro!

Door skin installation has traditionally been a tedious task, done with a hammer and dolly. The Single Pass Pneumatic Door Skinner Tool provides a better way! Align the tool with the edge of the door skin and as you push it along the edge it rolls over the door skin edge to fold the skin over the frame without ripples or other distortion. Our favorite part is the single hand operation that leaves the other hand free to hold the work piece. The smooth plastic insert prevents marring the outside facing edge of the door skin and is adjustable for thickness to allow for proper spacing for panel adhesives. This has become our go-to tool for producing a factory looking crimp. Find this tool and all of our quality auto body tools HERE.

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