I have seen the light! (Or why it’s getting harder to)

Many auto manufacturers switched to making your headlight lenses out of plastic sometime in the early 80’s. They are cheaper to make, less mess if there is an accident, and lighter weight. This is all well and good when the vehicle is new.. but after years of abuse from mother nature, UV rays, and road salt, rocks, etc., they begin to haze. In some cases they even begin to yellow! This is going to greatly reduce the light output from your headlights at night or in adverse weather conditions. This is the time of year where many places in the world are getting shorter amounts of daylight, and we are needing to use our headlights more frequently. Nothing is worse than having to get closer to the windshield to see the road better at night, or during bad weather!

What we’ve found is that by using a quality polishing compound like Autosol, and a good buffing wheel, you can restore those plastic lenses back to a crystal clear appearance. They can easily look like new again (if now only you could do the same for your interior!). You will be amazed at how much of a difference it makes with just a few minutes of work. You can do the polishing with the lights on the car, and all you need is a handheld drill with our Eastwood Headlight Restoration Kit to do the job.

Check out this little video we whipped together to show how easy it is. After you do your lenses, you will really start to notice how many cars on the road have foggy plastic headlights!

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