Guidelines for Removing Dents

Happen to have a bad day and end up driving through a hail storm? Maybe you’re in the garage and accidentally slip and knock into your car. Dents seem to be inevitable to escape. Some you are able to get out without much headache, while others might require a little more attention. In this article, we will be discussing what you should do in order to keep your car always looking new!

So obviously if you’re reading this then you most likely have dent in your car. If not, then you’re lucky. But more than likely i’m sure you could go out and find some area on your car that has one of these annoying little imperfections. If you do have a dent the first thing you are going to want to do is look and see just how bad it is. If it is just a slight dent with no serious depth, you will most likely be able to pop it out yourself if you’re up for the job. Eastwood sells a PDR (paintless dent removal) kit that is perfect for anyone trying to tackle this themselves! Its super easy to setup and there’s really no way to mess it up. Simply get the tab you need for the dent, hot glue it to your vehicle, attach it to the gun and pull it and watch it work its magic! Keep in mind that if you get the dent out but have a chip in your paint, that you can also fill in the gouge with touch-up paint to keep the cost low; or you can get the dent out and let a body shop do the rest of the work!

Now if you’re not into doing it yourself and maybe don’t have the time, then there are other options! One is to also take your car to a professional. Nowadays some PDR (paintless dent removal) guys will come right to you and get your dents out. Although this is very convenient it can also be pricey! However if you consider your time valuable this is another route to consider.

So maybe you have a more serious dent on your vehicle that the PDR kit won’t get out, and it also had chipped your paint but you want that nice finish on your vehicle. Well now this whole thing just got a little more expensive. If you’re taking the DIY route then you will save some cash here, and have the tools you need for the next dent that you may get. To get started you will want to go to and buy all of the materials you need and paint it yourself. If the paint is not offered at Eastwood, then you can go to your local body shop and have them mix you the color you need for your car. This will be costly but in the end you will have a wide range of tools and materials to be able to tackle the next serious dent you get.

However, if you do not have the time and experience to tackle a job like this yourself then you can take your vehicle to your local body shop and have them fix it. In the end this will be the most expensive way, but it requires really no effort from you, other than you forking out a pretty penny to get it done.

As you can tell there are many different ways you can go to get dents out of your vehicle. Which you choose to do is totally up to you!

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